practicing yoga can improve your well-being. whether you seek strengthening, stretching and healing of the body, or are looking for deepened emotional, mental and spiritual balance; the practice of yoga can support you on this path.


Jacqueline is an RYT-500 specializing in the Hatha, Yin, and Restorative practices. additionally trained in: sounds healing, food as medicine, natural kidney cleanse, urine therapy, Tibetan exercises for energy, entertainment and kids yoga – with 8 years experience sharing yoga practices, Jacqueline is currently based out of Vancouver, BC.


hatha yoga

this ancient style of yoga incorporates mindful breathing and asanas, or postures, that focus on alignment and can be practiced and modified to all psyches and body types. yoga increases awareness, reduces stress, improves flexibility, and helps build strength. this can result in rejuvenation, healing, and prevention of ailments.

restorative yoga

restorative yoga incorporates gentle supported postures, often using sandbags, bolsters, and blankets. it specifically targets the parasympathetic nervous system – shifting the body to a relaxed state. restorative yoga is ideal for stress relief, improving limited mobility, and natural healing.

yin yoga

yin, the counter balance to yang, in yoga, encourages a more passive, meditative state. this yoga practice is similar in style to hatha yoga however with the postures being held for time, yin accesses the connective tissues and joints, which make up for almost half of our flexibility + range of motion. yin yoga is slow yoga, beautiful!

kids yoga

kids yoga is specially designed to accommodate children’s interests and learning styles; generally classified as ages 4-12. kids yoga is an opportunity for your child to explore their own flexibility and strength as well as become introduced to the cognitive benefits of yoga through focus and concentration.


what you need to practice

a mat, relaxed, comfortable clothing, and positive intentions:)

as a general rule one should avoid practicing on a full stomach. water can be a nice accompaniment to the support the rejuvenation that occurs during your practice.



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