the dark side of detox: toxins

tired of seeing ads for pills that claim to cure your problem, with the side effect of 10 new ones?

many people experience symptoms of health or dis-ease as a result of simple choices and interactions with the world. the unfortunate reality: our modern cities are plagued with toxins and pollutants which we can both knowingly, and unknowingly consume daily.

cleansing the body of excess toxic build-up and chemicals can help prevent physical and mental illness and lethargy. below you will find two lists that describe how the body functions when: clean and healthy vs. overloaded with toxins.


when the body is healthy and clear we experience:

vitality: we feel energetic, strong and active

mental clarity: having clear thoughts, feeling peace, joy, and well-being

physical health: bright eyes, healthy glowing skin, a well-regulated body temperature

excellent digestion: eating feels energizing & renewing, regular bowel movements

balanced cycles: deep relaxed breathing, strong appetite, regular sleep patterns


when there is a strong presence of toxins in the body we can experience:

lack of vitality: feeling low-energy, weak, lack of motivation

poor mental clarity: depression, anxiety, confusion, stress

physical dis-ease: poor temperature regulation, rashes or skin problems, pain, bloating/inflammation, congestion, allergies 

poor digestion: feel fatigued after eating, indigestion, constipation

imbalanced cycles: short or shallow breathing, poor appetite, insomnia


detoxification is an opportunity to replace a seasonal cold, or illness in the body, with a simple, back-to-basics cleanse. directing focus inwards towards health and wellness by cleaning our bodies can have many benefits including the alleviation of perhaps previously unexplained ailments. the side effect: health and wellness.


NEXT POST: the bright side! healthy methods of flushing toxins and how to re-nourish the body with holistic, ayurvedic recipes and clean eating ♥


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