cherry blossom detox

ayurvedic medicine can suggest gentle methods to assist in natural detoxification for those interested in undergoing a cleanse. according to ayurveda, the transition between winter and spring can be an ideal time to get started. by simply gravitating towards or avoiding the intake of certain foods and substances we can greatly affect our overall health and well-being.

the following lists include suggestions for food and substances to embrace vs avoid when seeking to aid the body in detoxification.

to embrace

glacial, spring, infused/filtered waters and teas

fresh and cooked vegetables –  local, in season, organic

fresh herbs and spices

fruit – local, in season, organic

healthy fats and oils

legumes, beans, and grains*

nuts and seeds*


to avoid

coffee, alcohol, and drugs

refined sugar

gluten/wheat ingredients

dairy products (with the exception of ghee)

meats and fish

foods containing: preservatives, dyes, or chemicals

hygienic/personal products containing: preservatives, dyes, chemicals, or additives


*emphasis during cleanse to keep protein and iron levels high (important for all, especially important for those who ate meat regularly prior to the cleanse or require high levels of protein in their diets)

the above cleanse guidelines are suggested to be maintained for one to four weeks, based upon personal physical requirements and preferences.

always contact your health practitioner if you have and questions or concerns before starting a personal detox/cleanse program.


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